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Mark Falge, owner Drummers Hardwood Flooring, Santa Cruz, CA
Mark Falge, Owner, Craftsman

“We believe hardwood flooring is an Art. We design, install, & refinish hardwood floors with a commitment to providing the highest quality at a good price and on time.”

M. Falge


About Us

Drummers Hardwood Flooring in Santa Cruz, CA is a local, family-owned Hardwood Flooring business since 1987. We pride ourselves on personalized service and a commitment to quality. We are craftsman, owner operated, working directly with our customers as opposed to large companies who hire laborers to perform their work.

Our Philosophy

We believe Hardwood Floor installation and refinishing is an Art.

Our Philosophy at Drummers Hardwood Flooring was founded on the principle that everyone should receive individualized service. We are personally involved in your hardwood floors. We help our customers select their wood, stains and finishes and offer design solutions to reflect each customer's unique and distinctive lifestyle. Upon completion we provide our customers with a maintenance guide that will help the life of their

Hardwood Floors for years to come.


We use sustainable hardwoods. We offer a diverse selection of hardwoods and feature exotic woods from around the World that are sustainable by selective harvesting. Sustainable products are harvested using a method so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. Bamboo is an excellent example of a sustainable building product. We respect your environment. Our dust free containment system captures the dust while sanding your floors and our wide range of styles and new finishes offer easy care with no wax maintenance.


Hardwood Floors will increase the value of your home and business when installed and maintained properly. That is why the quality of our installation, restoration, and finishes promises the best investment in your home and business with years of enjoyment.

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